Elementor Black Friday Sale 2021 – Get Discount on Pro Plans

by Kundan | Last Updated:   August 31, 2021

Have you always thought about designing your own web page? Have you wondered how it would be to run your own blog? I’m sure that you dream about running your own website at some point in your life.But the world of web page design is difficult to navigate. If only we had some tools to make this journey easier. Luckily, Elementor is one such tool that you need to have. We will explain why.Even if you’ve tried starting your own web page, you’ve most likely run into some obstacles. Cost, lack of technical know-how, and just not knowing where to start are some of those issues.Well, you’re in luck because the Elementor Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Discount Offer take care of everything! and don’t forget to have a look at terms & condition of elmentor official website.


What is Elementor?

Founded in 2016, Elementor is a WYSIWYG (Short for ‘What You See Is What You Get’) web development software on WordPress. It enables those who have stepped into the world of web design for the first time to build a clean and attractive-looking website without scrambling for plugins and add-ons.

It is a one-stop tool that takes care of all your web building needs on one platform. It offers a free version and a premium version which expands the features and tools of the free version.

There are many plans offered for the premium version. We will help you find the one best for you. 

You can visit the official Elementor website by clicking here

What is the Elementor Black Friday Sale 2021?

Elementor Black Friday Sale 2021 is a series of discounts and offers provided on the various plans available for the Premium Elementor version. This sale offers to cut up to 30% from the available pro plans.

If you miss the Black Friday Sale, then worry not. Elementor Cyber Monday Discount Offer provides another chance for you to purchase the tools you require at discounted prices.

These are the premium plans which are offered by Elementor:


How to activate the Elementor Pro Black Friday Cyber Monday deal?

Here is how you can avail of the Elementor Pro Black Friday Cyber Monday deals:

STEP 1- Click on this BUTTON to the website.

This Button will take you to the pricing section of the premium plans offered by Elementor. You can look through all of the options available and inspect them carefully before arriving at a decision.

STEP 2- Select the plan of your liking.

There are various plans available that provide different benefits in an increasing hierarchy proportionate to the price. We recommend selecting the plan keeping in mind the attached features and your own requirements.  

If you only need to design and manage a single site then the Essential Plan is suitable for you. But if your needs are more comprehensive and you need to manage more sites, we recommend the Advanced and Excel Plans. 

STEP 3- Click on ‘Buy Now.’

Once you have selected the plan of your liking, click on ‘Buy Now’ to head to the billing section. This section should appear as follows:


You must fill in the required details before proceeding to checkout. 

If you already have an account then you must log in. If not, then the section for creating an account is provided there only. All the relevant information attached to your purchase will be there. 

The Elementor Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts would be automatically applied to your purchase. 

Confirm your details and select a method of payment. 

You can either pay using a credit card or through PayPal

STEP 4- Proceed to checkout.

Once you have created (or logged in) your account and confirmed the billing information, click on ‘Checkout.’

Complete the procedure and you would have purchased a Pro Elementor Plan. Congratulations! You have made the right decision towards building your website.

You can log in to your account again and get right into developing your website with ease.

Simple, isn’t it?

Elementor Pro Features

The Elementor Pro plans offer a wide plethora of features to its customers. There are too many features to list here, but we shall be going over some of the noteworthy ones:

  1. Standard Modules

Elementor houses over 300+ design templates and 90+ widgets. All of these can be altered to your liking with ease. Having a pre-made design inspires you to build a template of your own, with no need for coding.

Elementor Pro grants you access to a greater number of advanced templates and widgets. Everything is customizable. You just need to drag and drop what you need and where you need it.

  1. Theme Builder

Themes are what attracts your audience. They are the first thing your audience will notice when they visit your page. Having an attractive and appropriate theme that complements your content is very important.

Elementor Pro houses a wide plethora of customizable options and tools for just this purpose. Every part of your page will be customizable to fit your needs.

  1. Popup Builder

Popups are one of the most essentials Call-to-Action tools your site should have. Although popups can be annoying to some site visitors, a proper design and placement can be just what they’re looking for at the right time. 

Elementor Pro offers highly customizable and easy-to-use popups that require no coding at all. These popups can be altered to your will and since Elementor is a WYSIWYG software, you’ll know what you’re getting. 

  1. E-Commerce Tools

WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress for e-commerce websites. It is perfect for small-scale online businesses. You can build clean and user-friendly e-commerce pages easily with it.

Elementor WooCommerce Builder will help you in building such sites with ease and simplicity. No coding is required. You can customize your product pages and website design to fit the theme and target audience.

  1. Widget Options

Widgets are great tools for catching the attention of your audience. Thankfully, Elementor Pro offers so many different kinds of widgets catering to every functionality. Here is a small run-down of the widgets offered:

  1. Form Widget– Place the right forms at the right places.

  2. Testimonial Widget– Display what your satisfied customers have to say on your page.

  3. Countdown Widget– Inform your customers when limited offers and deals are about to end.

  4. Comments Widget– Hear what your customers have to say through comments.

  5. Navigation Widget– Create user-friendly and accessible navigation options for your site.

  6. E-Commerce Widgets– Use e-commerce widgets to design the perfect site for your customers like price listing, product listing, payment options, etc.

These are only a few widgets offered by Elementor Pro. You can click here to go through a complete list of widgets with their functions.

  1. Marketing Integrations

We recognize that building up an audience is one of the most important goals of any starting project. Reaching out to your customers en masse is crucial for achieving this goal. 

Elementor Pro offers marketing integrations with handy tools like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, and many more!

  1. Social Media

Social Media is the best way to engage with your audience. Another way to make your website grow and reach a greater number of people is to get your visitors to share your site.

Elementor Pro provides many options for just this end. It offers engaging tools like social media widgets, share buttons, backquoting features, Facebook connectivity, etc.

All of the aforementioned features consist of not even a tenth of the actual number of features you get with Elementor Pro.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at all of the features of Elementor here.

Elementor Free vs Pro

Elementor offers a free version and multiple pro plans. 

While Elementor Free is a great way to sample a minute section of the features offered, there is no doubt that purchasing an Elementor Pro plan gives you value for your money. 

Elementor Free will provide you with basic and essential features integral to Elementor like drag and drop, responsive editing, templates, widgets, navigation, etc. 

Elementor Pro, however, offers you all of these in addition to way more advanced features like advanced templates and theme building, global editor, variety of widgets, marketing integrations, social media connectivity, etc.



But the Pro Elementor plans must be expensive, right?


Elementor Pro offers different plans at different prices. A full list of the different plans with their main features can be found here.


And the good news is Elementor Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deals cut these reasonable prices even further!

This really is the best time to select the plan that suits you and purchase it ASAP. 

If you’ve ever thought about running your own blog or starting your own e-commerce business, or just want to try developing a site, then don’t think any further.

Elementor Pro sets the industrial standard for web design software’s. That’s how good it is.

Which Elementor Pro Plan is the best?

It’s simple.

The plan which suits you the best is the best plan. 

This is why Elementor Pro offers different plans with different features to cater to different needs.

If you are a small blogger or only plan on running a single website, then grab the Essential Plan. It gives you access to the 1 Pro website with most of the pro features that would fulfill your needs adequately.

You can also go for the Advanced Plan if you are aiming for a slightly more advanced site. The Advanced Plan is best for small bloggers and small businesses.

Both of the above plans are priced reasonably for the amount of accessibility and features you get in return.

Now if you seriously want to get into web design and manage a multitude of websites, then try the Expert Plan. In addition to the features available for Essential and Advanced plans, the Expert Plan gives you access to 20 Expert Website Kits designed by professionals. 

More importantly, you will receive an Elementor Expert Profile. You will be able to manage and showcase your work to potential clients and get hired for projects. 

The Expert Plan is the most popular plan and its discounted price makes it even more attractive. You don’t need to worry about the price because you will get more than your money’s value with this plan.

Experienced professionals and sizable businesses should go for the Studio or Agency Plans. These plans are the industry standard for Elementor Pro and are as good as it gets. 

In addition to the options offered by the Expert Plan, these plans offer VIP Premium support. A team of VIP Support staff will be there to solve issues in under 30 minutes in case of any queries and doubts arise on your part. 

There are the plans offered by Elementor Pro. You should carefully go over each plan before making a decision. With the prices cut thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, this is the best time to buy a plan.

Reasons why I recommend Elementor Page Builder Plugin especially in this “Elementor Black Friday Sale”

Elementor Page Builder Plugin is one of the best software’s for web design. It defines the industrial standard due to the features and accessibility it provides to its customers.

There are many reasons why I recommend Elementor:

  1. User-friendly

Elementor is a WYSIWYG software. The design you create and alter in the editing tab represents final outcome. The tools are placed conveniently and accessibility is high. 

The interface is well-designed and offers many options and features to choose from. The overall standard of the software is advanced, while still making it easy for an inexperienced user to navigate.

  1. Reasonable Pricing

The plans offered for Elementor Pro are multifarious and reasonably priced. The Elementor Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts cut these prices to even more affordable amounts.

  1. Features

The features available to the user are efficient yet easy to use. Many features that you would otherwise need a plugin for are offered with the plans. Editing, altering, design, marketing, integration – you name it! Elementor is not short of features.

  1. Testimonials and Rating

There are over a million high level professional sites designed using Elementor. Elementor has a whopping 4.7 of an average rating. An overwhelming volume of positive reviews further backs up their credibility.

  1. Templates and Widgets

Elementor offers 300+ design templates and 90+ widgets, all at your disposal. The premium versions of Elementor grant you access to even more expert templates and widget, fully customizable!

  1. Overall Quality

Elementor is a widely recommended plugin among even professionals. It is a polished and user-friendly software catering to every need. The customer base for Elementor is diverse, and Elementor does not disappoint.

This overall quality of design and accessibility is what makes Elementor so good. 

I hands down recommend everyone to go with Elementor when designing their own web page. 

FAQ on “Elementor Black Friday”

Here are some questions we often see:

  1. What is Elementor Black Friday Sale?

Elementor Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2021 is a once-a-year sale that offers discounts up to 30% on the premium plans for Elementor Pro.

  1. What are the plans offered for Elementor Pro?

There are 5 plans offered for Elementor Pro – Essential, Advanced, Expert, Studio, Agency. These plans offer different features at different prices. We recommend going with the Advanced or Expert plans.

  1. Is there a money-back guarantee? In Elementor Black Friday Sale?

Absolutely. Elementor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its premium plans. If you do purchase a plan, you get a 25% discount on renewal.

  1. How can I avail of the Elementor Black Friday Sale?

You can purchase a plan of your liking here. Choose a plan and proceed to the billing section. The Black Friday Sale will be automatically applied to your purchase.

  1. Which is the best Elementor Pro plan?

The best plan would be the one which suits your needs. Have a look through all the Elementor Pro plans. The one which checks all your requirements at the right price is the best Elementor Pro plan for you.

  1. Is there any trial version?

Elementor is a freemium software. There is a free version and a premium version. You can try using Elementor Free to make use of the essential features it offers. 

If you like the free version, we recommend purchasing Elementor Pro, the premium version. It even has a money-back guarantee so you can cancel anytime within 30 days.

  1. Are there marketing and social media integrations?

Yes. Elementor Pro offers marketing integrations for MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, and many more!

You can even showcase Facebook pages, add backquoting links, share buttons, etc. 


Designing your own web page has never been easier. Elementor is one of the best WYSIWYG web-building plugins. The overall polishing and standard of this plugin is flagship quality.

The features and options provided by the various plans are very handy. The plans are also priced reasonably. On top of that, Elementor Black Friday Sale 2021 makes these prices even more affordable.

This is the best time to grab a plan of your liking. We assure you that you will get value for your money. Visit their website and go through the premium plans immediately.

You really cannot go with anything but Elementor.